Kia & Kittens

Development Log

8th March 2018

  • Move to a new server, SSL certificate installed, we are now "secure".

17th November 2017

  • Horizontal top menu with dropdowns.

14th September 2015

  • Mobile and tablet viewings of the site now use a javascript toggle menu.

20th January 2014

  • Implementing "cache busting" ie if the styles file on the server is newer than the user's cached version, the server version will be retrieved. When newer versions of pages are uploaded they will contain the necessary routines to make this work.

29th May 2013

  • GA code now loads from SSI.

14th March 2013

  • Move Google Analytics code to just before the closing body tag for faster loading.
  • New editable region added to template for scripts.
  • Book Fair slide show now uses nivoslider.
  • Tracking events added to Links page

6th November 2012

  • Update jquery colorbox to v1.3.20.1.