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Rural or outside homes needed

We have several young neutered cats that need rural or outside homes.

They like their own space and enjoy human contact on their own terms. Suitable for homes such as a stables/smallholdings or a house with a large garden.

We have successfully homed many similar cats and would be prepared to consider homes outside our normal area within reason.

Please contact us if you think you could help.

Could you give Reggie a home?


Reggie, aged 16 years, started life living rough on the streets of Greece. He was rescued and brought to England and has lived for the past three years at our rescue centre. Here he has settled in well and turned out to be a cat with bags of personality. He is an inquisitive character and a very intelligent cat who likes his freedom but equally needs the security of home comforts.

Although independent by nature, Reggie is very much his own cat but he loves being around people and keeping them company - in fact we feel that he believes he needs to supervise 'his' humans and keep a check on what is going on around him. Reggie likes to follow 'his' people around and will show affection on his own terms and in his own special way which is either by settling next to you for a little snooze or by rubbing around your legs whilst purring loudly.

As a proper tomcat he is not one to be mollycoddled too much, however he is grateful for attention and an appreciative head rub and some kind words.

Reggie is a most handsome cat and a terrific character and we would love to find him a home in a more rural area where he has space to roam safely.

Please note: For the right home we would consider extending our catchment area (i.e. we would accept offers of homes out side the Sussex area).

  • Basil Pebbles

    Basil & Pebbles

    BASIL age 14 years, Persian Silver Grey, male and PEBBLES age 15 years, Persian Tortoiseshell, female.

    This lovely pair of cats are in our care as sadly their owners have died.

    We would like to find a quiet home where they can be together and, ideally, with an owner used to caring for this pedigree breed.

  • Connie


    Age 12 years, domestic short hair, tabby/tortie, female.

    Connie is a, pretty, sweet-natured cat who is at our rescue centre following the death of her owner. Having received the veterinary care necessary, she is now ready to start a new life and we would like to find her a nice quiet home where she can enjoy the security and care of new guardians.

    Connie is a quiet, sensitive cat who would prefer a calm home environment as the only cat. She has a lot of love to give and would make the right person a lovely companion.

  • Sophie


    Age 1 year, domestic short hair, black, female.

    This pretty young cat is full of life and fun. She is very playful and would love a new home where there is someone ready to entertain and play with her.

  • Marco


    Age 5 years, semi long-haired, white (mostly) with a black tail, male.

    We are looking for a new home for this handsome young cat. He is a little shy at first, so would like an understanding owner, but once he knows you, is soon ready to be stroked and to play.

  • Bella


    Age 15 years, white Persian, female.

    A quiet home is needed for this little cat, where she would receive all the love and care she longs for and ideally with someone experienced with this breed.

    Bella would like to be the only pet.

  • Tyrone


    Age 8 years, domestic short hair, black, male.

    This boy was without a home for a time before he came into our care but now would like to have a place to call his own.

    He needs a safe garden, as he likes his own space, and would love a quiet home with experienced owners.

  • Splodge


    Age 15 years, domestic short hair, white & grey, female.

    This quiet, pretty girl does not look her age! She can be a little nervous at first so would like a quiet home and where she would be the only cat.

  • Tia Maria

    Tia Maria

    Age 13 years, domestic short hair, black & white, female.

    Tia Maria is a pretty little cat, though a little on the sensitive side, who would very much like to find a loving home soon. She prefers the quiet life, though enjoys having a chat!

    She is a lovely cat but prefers to have attention and a gentle fuss when it suits her, and we think she would suit an adult only home.