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Adopting a cat

There are a number of cats at our rescue centre who cannot be advertised for various reasons.

If you are interested in adopting a cat, please telephone Val on 01444 457758 who will be pleased to tell you about those in our care.

Please leave a message and your telephone number if she is unable to take your call, and she will ring you back.

Rural or outside homes needed

We have several young neutered cats that need rural or outside homes.

They like their own space and enjoy human contact on their own terms. Suitable for homes such as a stables/smallholdings or a house with a large garden.

We have successfully homed many similar cats and would be prepared to consider homes outside our normal area within reason.

Please contact us if you think you could help.

Could you give Niko a home?


Niko, age 4 years, is a handsome boy, part Arabian Mau with ginger & white colouring and is very friendly and sociable with people.

His breed can be very territorial so he would need either a rural home with lots of space around or a home with an enclosed garden as he does not enjoy the company of other cats.

Please note: For the right home we would consider extending our catchment area (i.e. we would accept offers of homes out side the Sussex area).

  • Barney Penny

    Barney & Penny

    BARNEY, black, male, and PENNY, tabby & white, female both age 13 years.

    These lovely cats have only ever lived with one person, but sadly their owner died so they are now in need of another loving home. The siblings are a little reserved but both enjoy being groomed and have lots of love to give.

    A quiet, adult-only home with access to a safe outside space as the only pets, would suit the brother and sister best.

    Giving a home to an older cat is so rewarding and we hope that Barney and Penny will soon be adopted and be loved and cared for in their own home very soon.

  • Jake Kylie

    Jake & Kylie

    JAKE, Ginger & white, male, and KYLIE, black & white, female both age 17 years.

    We have had much success over the years rehoming older cats and know how rewarding this can be.

    These two lovely cats were given up for adoption when their owners had to move abroad, so we would like to find them a quiet, calm home where they can spend the rest of their lives together.

    They both have medical needs which we would be more than happy to discuss with anyone interested in offering them a caring new home.

  • Sophie


    Age 2 years, domestic short hair, black, female.

    This pretty young cat would like to find a home where people will accept her for who she is, namely an independent-thinking young lady who knows her own mind.

    In quiet moments Sophie is grateful for a gentle fuss and will show her affectionate side. However, her independent side tells her to be out and about and explore which is why a home that offers her space to roam is a necessity.

    Sophie is a lovely cat at heart, she simply needs someone who appreciates the fact that she does not need, or want, attention all the time.

    Enquiries to Irene on 01444 831286

  • Ollie


    Age 3 years, domestic short hair, black & white, male.

    Ollie is a lovely young cat who is looking for a new home through no fault of his own. This handsome boy is affectionate and playful though a little shy at first.

    He needs an adult-only home with access to a garden.

    Ollie is clearly longing for a quiet loving home, where we are sure he will blossom and make his new owners very happy.

  • Thor


    Age 2-3, domestic short hair, white & black, male.

    Thor was rescued as a stray. He tested FIV positive, so needs an indoor home, ideally spacious, and also needs to be the only pet. It would be a bonus if his new home offered a secure garden or patio.

    He is a sweet-natured boy though a little shy at first so a home without children would be best for him.

    Thor is a cat who would make a lovely companion for the right person.

  • Bobby


    Age 5 years, domestic short hair, tabby & white, male.

    Bobby likes to live life to the full and the fact that he lost one of his front legs in a road traffic accident a few years ago does not hold him back!

    He is a bright, handsome and inquisitive cat who clearly loves the great outdoors but also enjoys quieter moments and a gentle fuss, and he also loves to play.

    Bobby does not like other cats and is not keen on dogs, so a home as the only pet would suit him best. He is a great character and would make the right person a fantastic companion.

  • Cordelia


    Age 6 years, domestic short hair, black with a little white on chest, female.

    Cordelia is a delightful and friendly cat with an inquisitive nature. She will make a loyal companion and prefer to be the only cat.

    She enjoys attention and being brushed and will happily roll over and chat to you whilst receiving a gentle fuss.


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