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Please note we are a small, local charity and can only cover the Sussex area for homing our cats

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Adopting a cat

There are a number of cats at our rescue centre who cannot be advertised for various reasons.

If you are interested in adopting a cat, please telephone Val on 01903 244478 who will be pleased to tell you about those in our care.

Please leave a message and your telephone number if she is unable to take your call, and she will ring you back.

If you send us an email please include your telephone number.

Rural or outside homes needed

We have several young neutered cats that need rural or outside homes.

They like their own space and enjoy human contact on their own terms. Suitable for homes such as a stables/smallholdings or a house with a large garden.

We have successfully homed many similar cats and would be prepared to consider homes outside our normal area within reason.

Please contact us if you think you could help.

Could you give Niko a home?


Niko, age 8 years, is a handsome boy, part Arabian Mau with ginger & white colouring and is very friendly and sociable with people.

His breed can be very territorial so he would need either a rural home with lots of space around or a home with an enclosed garden as he does not enjoy the company of other cats.

Please note: For the right home we would consider extending our catchment area (i.e. we would accept offers of homes out side the Sussex area).

  • Diesel Sisa

    Diesel & Sisa

    DIESEL age 2 years, and SISA age 1 year, both tabby.

    These two lovely young cats are in need of a loving home where they can be together.

  • DJ


    Age 2 years, tabby, female.

    This good-looking, independent young cat is looking for a new home where there are no children or other cats.

  • Doris


    Age 12 years, dark tortie, female.

    Doris is such a lovely and affectionate cat and we hope to find her a new home soon where she can spend the rest of her life. Suitable for a home with no cats or children.

  • Bubba


    Age 12 years, black & white, female.

    She is with us waiting for a new home as her devoted owner has sadly passed away. Bubba is a sweet-natured cat though a little nervous at first for whom we look forward to finding a quiet, forever home.

  • Annie


    Age 1 year, tabby & white, female.

    Quiet and good natured young cat in need of a loving home where she can enjoy life to the full.

  • Selina


    Age 1 year - 18 months, white, female.

    This lovely natured cat is in need of a new start in a loving home.

  • Freda


    Age 14 years, ginger, female.

    This mature lady is sweet-natured and affectionate. Sadly her devoted owner passed away so we are looking for a new loving home for her to live out her life.

  • Betsy


    Age 5 years, tabby/tortie & white, female.

    Betsy is a good natured cat but needs a home where there are no other cats or dogs.

    She has been diagnosed with a medical condition and prescribed a tablet a day by our vet who believes she should lead a normal life.

  • Millie


    Age 2 years, black & white, female.

    Millie was brought to our Rescue Centre along with her young family after the death of her owner.

    She is now spayed and looking to start a new life with a patient and understanding owner where she can settle quietly in her own time.

    Suitable for a home where there are no other cats.

  • Mary


    Age 2 years, black, female.

    This lovely young cat was a stray and now that her kittens have found new homes she would like one too, and where she can happily spend the rest of her life being cared for.

  • Ziggy


    Age 4 years, ginger & white, male.

    This lovely young cat is looking for a new home. He has special needs in that he was born with slight deformity in his tail and hind legs but gets around very well.

    He also needs a home where there are no other pets.

  • Mephisto


    Age 14 years, black, male.

    Mephisto or “Phizz” is a gentle, quiet chap and so best suited to a calm, adult only home and where there are no other pets which is what he was used to.

    He would love companionship and enjoys head-butts.

  • Polly


    Age 17 years, black & white, female.

    This mature lady is very gentle, though a little timid at first but does enjoy a gentle cuddle so we would like to find her a loving home in her twilight years and where there are no other cats.

  • Phoebe


    Age 14 years, tabby & white, female.

    Phoebe likes to be around people but is also independent.

    She would like a home where there is company when she wants it but with no children or other pets.

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