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Rural or outside homes needed

We have several young neutered cats that need rural or outside homes.

They like their own space and enjoy human contact on their own terms. Suitable for homes such as a stables/smallholdings or a house with a large garden.

We have successfully homed many similar cats and would be prepared to consider homes outside our normal area within reason.

Please contact us if you think you could help.

  • Hudson Harley

    Hudson & Harley

    HUDSON, domestic short hair, black, male and HARLEY, domestic short hair, black & white, male. Both age 8 years.

    Hudson and Harley’s devoted owners had to part with their beloved cats when their circumstances changed. These handsome brothers would very much like to be part of a family again and have so much to offer - they are affectionate, loving cats and, although not lap cats, adore gentle cuddles and tickles and enjoy nothing more than snuggling up together on a bed.

    Hudson and his brother Harley clearly were much-loved pets and hopefully they will find a new home together soon where they will be cherished companions again.

  • Dusty


    Age 13 years, domestic short hair, black, female.

    Sadly Dusty's devoted owner had to go into nursing care and we need to find her a new home where she can spend the rest of her live receiving all the love and care she needs.

    Dusty is a lovely cat, with a gentle and friendly nature and will make someone a wonderful companion.

  • Mia


    Age 6 years, domestic short hair, black, female.

    Mia is a beautiful young cat. Her previous owners rescued her but had to give her up for adoption when a baby arrived. Mia needs the reassurance of a loving home where she can spend the rest of her life.

    She is a lovely little cat, and we feel that in the care of a patient and understanding person, she will eventually blossom.

    Mia would like a quiet home where there are no children or other animals.

  • Mia


    Age 13 years, domestic short hair, black & white, female.

    Mia is a sweet-natured little cat and would make someone a wonderful pet. She is a little shy at first but her quiet, gentle, affectionate side will soon emerge.

    Because of her sensitive nature we believe that Mia might prefer to be the only pet in an adult-only household.

  • Poppy


    Age 6 years, domestic short hair, black, female.

    Poppy was the cherished companion of a lady who has sadly passed away. She is a beautiful cat and very playful once you gain her trust, we would like to find her a female owner, in a quiet home similar to what she was used to, where she can spend the rest of her life.

    Poppy deserves to be a special person's beloved pet again, so if you can offer her a second chance, please ring Val on 01444 457758.

  • Daphne


    Age 17 years, domestic short hair, tabby, female

    Sadly, both Daphne's owners have passed away and she was brought in to our care to find her a home for the rest of her life. She is a dear, elderly lady who is no trouble, and all she wants is a comfy bed and for someone to adopt her, look after her and give her plenty of love.

    Daphne would like to be the only pet.

  • Kiki


    Age 12 years, domestic short hair, blue/grey, female

    Kiki is a stunning cat who clearly does not look her age. Whilst in our care it became apparent that Kiki does not take kindly to other cats - her perfect home would be an adult-only, quiet household as the only pet. After all, if you are THAT beautiful, you should have your owners' attention all to yourself!

    Our vet nurse believes that Kiki may be part British Shorthair which would explain Kiki's exquisite looks. This dear, affectionate cat would thrive in a calm household with experienced cat owners who can give her the attention and care she needs.

  • Moodles


    Age 5 years, domestic short hair, tortoiseshell & white, female

    To anyone who likes a cat with character - please consider Moodles, aka Moo. This pretty cat is friendly but independent and usually has a lot to say!

    Moo needs an experienced owner who will give her attention and 'play-time' when she asks for it but, equally, is happy for her to have time to herself.

    Moo is a fantastic cat but will need to be the only pet in an adult-only home.

  • Midnight


    Age 2 years, domestic short hair, black, male

    This handsome young cat has only ever lived indoors but is now ready to enjoy all that the outside world has to offer. Midnight is very inquisitive, playful and loves to explore so with that in mind (ie for his own safety), we believe it might be best to find him a home in where he has access to a safe and enclosed garden as he is still getting used to the sounds and smells of the 'great outdoors'.

    Midnight will need an adult-only household. He has previously lived with another cat and appears to get on well with other cats at our rescue centre so he might be able to share his new home with another feline, provided introductions are done gradually over time.

  • Cleo


    Age 14 years, domestic long hair, black, female

    Cleo is a lovely older girl who was brought into our care when her owners' circumstances changed. Although a little shy at first Cleo is very affectionate and enjoys being brushed.

    Because of her age we think that a quiet, adult-only home as the only pet would suit her best. Cleo is beautiful and gentle and would make the right person the most wonderful pet.

  • Cookie


    Age around 6 years, domestic short hair, grey & white, male

    Cookie is a little nervous but would like a home where there is human contact when he wants it but would also like a rural setting as he likes to explore.

    For more information ring Irene on 01444 831286.