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Sponsorship Scheme

The Pavilion

Life in the Pavilion

The Pavilion is our flagship project and we feel it epitomises everything we stand for as a charity. The sponsorship scheme is your opportunity to become involved and it is possibly the most rewarding way you can support us.

You may sponsor one or more of our long term resident cats, those that are not suitable for immediate rehoming. They live in the Pavilion apart from the favoured ones (Grace and Totti) who are allowed the freedom of the grounds. The Pavilion often has as many as 16 residents.

There are many reasons that cats stay with us long term, they may be too old to be rehomed, have been traumatised in some way or have a health problem. We do still hope they will eventually find a loving home and happily this does often happen.

As long as, in the opinion of the vet, the cat can still enjoy a good quality of life they can live out their lives with us and receive all the care they need. We are one of the few charities that provide this care and we take great pride in this.

If you would like to become a sponsor you may select either to have your donations used for the benefit of all the pavilion residents or nominate your favourite cat or cats.

Sponsors receive:

  • A certificate & photograph of their cat
  • Paws & Claws newsletters
  • The Pavilion Christmas Newsletter